The BIG Fight Night
Saturday 7th March 2015, Limavady Leisure Centre

A Cross-community fundraising venture between St. Matthew’s Drumsurn and Limavady Rugby Club is being hosted on Saturday 7th March in the Roe Valley Leisure Centre.

The event has been organised by a committee consisting of members from both Clubs.

Below are some of the bouts scheduled for the night. Tickets are priced at £15 and can be obtained from either Club or any fighter.


Fight 1
Christopher 'Jack' Harbinson Height : 5' 10"

Weight : 87Kg

Age : 30

Hobbies : Playing GAA, soccer and has represented the rugby club before.

Fight Prediction : I'm getting the job done early so I can enjoy the rest of the night, 1st round KO.
Height : 6' 2"

Weight : 90Kg

Age : 21

Hobbies : Football and Boxing

Fight Prediction : I think I'll put him down in the 1st round.
Brandon Smith


Fight 2
Height : Smaller than Laura

Weight :  

Age : 21 + VAT

Hobbies : Playing camogie for Drumsurn and has been spotted out jogging with hubby Michael.

Fight Prediction : Stay away from Bronagh early and pounce in round 3.
Catherine Bradley Bronagh Doherty Cooke Height : 5' 9"

Weight :  

Age : 34

Hobbies : Hockey and giving Gerry a hard time.

Fight Prediction : I think it will be a TKO in my favour.


Fight 3
Francis Chivers Height : 6' 5"

Weight : Heavy

Age : Younger than Glen

Hobbies : Changing nappies and wrestling wife Cherie.

Fight Prediction : Who cares just get me a beer.
Height : 5' 11"

Weight : 82.5Kg

Age : 36

Hobbies : Running and going to the gym when I'm not topping up my sun tan.

Fight Prediction : I think Franci will come at me in the first two rounds but will be burnt out by the last one. Easy money is on ME!!
Glen Anderson


Fight 4
Height : 5' 9"

Weight : 82Kg

Age : 30

Hobbies : Kicking points for fun and wedding planning.

Fight Prediction : Alan has a weight advantage so don't be surprised to see me dance around.
Ciaran 'Banty' Mullan Alan Kilburn Height : 5' 10"

Weight : 92Kg

Age : 34

Hobbies : Climbing trees and swinging from the branches when I'm aloud out. I also like heading to Franks for a few quiet ones!!.

Fight Prediction : I think it will be an even fight but he's mine in the last round by TKO.


Fight 5
Ronan McNickle Height : 6' 1"

Weight : 104Kg

Age : 32

Hobbies : I love Liverpool FC and the Golden Chipper

Fight Prediction : GOOD NIGHT ALAN CARR
Height : 6' 2"

Weight : 93Kg

Age : 25

Hobbies : Being an Alan Carr Impersonator!!!.

Fight Prediction : I think Ronan will get a few good punches in but I'll out punch him by the time the final bell goes.
Liam O'Hara


Fight 6
Height : 2 good daisies

Weight :

Age : 24

Hobbies : Being a spy for team Drumsurn at NSpire and playing camogie.

Fight Prediction : If she walks onto my right hook the paramedics will be needed.
Alicea McGonigle Lauren Marshall Height : 5' 3"

Weight :

Age : 20

Hobbies : Hockey and Rugby.

Fight Prediction : I think it will be an even fight but I will land more punches and get the win.


Fight 7
Cahir Mullan Height : 6'

Weight : 93Kg

Age : 23

Hobbies : Plays GAA and rugby and also loves selling dodgy phones

Fight Prediction : All I'm saying is I will have the bragging rights around the twon after the fight.
Height : 5' 11"

Weight : 85Kg

Age : 21

Hobbies : Chasing sheep around Myroe and hover crafting.

Fight Prediction : I think Cahir will be getting up close and personal with the FLOOR!!
Adam 'Goober' Miller


Fight 8
Height : 5' 10"

Weight : 87Kg

Age : Unknown

Hobbies : Bare knuckle boxing with the rest of his brothers.

Fight Prediction : I'll be happy with a point's decision and then I'll drink him under the table.
Shane 'Compo' Moore Neil 'Melvy' Moore Height : of nonsense

Weight : 80Kg

Age : 31

Hobbies : Chasing girls ot of the country and singing an awfully bad rendition of Britney Spears 'Baby One More Time'.

Fight Prediction : I'm going to show Shane who the dominant More clan is !!


Fight 9
Jordan O'Neill Height : 6' 2"

Weight : 101Kg

Age : 18

Hobbies : Boxing and barbering.

Fight Prediction : No messing about, I'm out to show my skills. Good luck.
Height : 5' 11"

Weight : 83Kg

Age : 33

Hobbies : Boxing and spending time with the family.

Fight Prediction : I'll school this young buck in the art of boxing.
Andy Hunt


Fight 10
Height : 5' 10"

Weight : 82.5Kg

Age : 37

Hobbies : Running marathons and boxing.

Fight Prediction : I might be the oldest Drumsurn fighter but I also hit the hardest. The only thing I can guarantee is that I will not be beat.
Mickey Coll Philip 'Beefy' Mullan Height : 5' 9"

Weight : 74Kg

Age : 30

Hobbies : Football and riding mountain bokes through forests.

Fight Prediction : I think it will go all the way but the fact that I'm younger and fitter than Mickey will prove to be the winner.